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Business Arcade Type B Business Arcade Type B

Business Arcade Type B

2 Storey Business Arcade

1st Floor

1st Floor

2nd Floor

2nd Floor

Elevee Promenade-Type B  is fitted with 2-storey business home, exclusively designed for retail shops and casual dining restaurants. Through comprehensive planning, we have integrated a high-quality infrastructure that works in harmony with nature to meet the needs of a modern urban lifestyle. Elevee Promenade leverages living surroundings to enrich life and drives business growth.

Located on busy intersections, Elevee Promenade sports high quality construction with an excellent tenant mix. Adjacent to high-end retail hubs and in affluent neighborhood, it will be patronized by huge customer base. It has ample parking spaces and terrific visibility. Other great features : Low maintenance, impressive finishes and professionally managed. A good return, easy to own investment property.


  • Foundation: Drill pole
  • Upper Structure: Reinforced Concrete


  • Main Building: Red bricks / light plastered bricks, aci + paint


  • Exterior Walls: Weather resistant paint
  • Variation Walls: Aluminium composite panel / artificial brick tiles
  • Interior Wall: Emulsion paint


  • Main Room: 80x80 cm Homogeneous Tiles


  • Cover: Zinc wave ceiling tiles and concrete roof
  • Doors and Windows: powder coated aluminium + clear glass
  • Toilet: PVC


  • Main Plafond/ceiling: Gypsum

Toilet & Sanitation

  • Floors & Walls: Local ceramics
  • Sanitary wares: Exp. Toto / equivalent


  • Clean Water: PVC pipes exp. Pralon / equivalent
  • Electric Power: 4,400 VA