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Business Arcade Type A Business Arcade Type A

Business Arcade Type A

3 Storey Business Arcade

1st Floor

1st Floor

2nd Floor

2nd Floor

3rd Floor

3rd Floor

Elevee Promenade-Type A is a 3-storey business home. It is suitable for restaurant and retail outlet. Furnished with high-quality specifications, thoughtfully designed luxury living and business space to attain the perfect balance between modernity and natural living.

Elevee Promenade-Type A is good for for any restaurant and retail businesses that provide superior services and pursue excellence within a vibrant environment that promotes collaboration, communication, hospitality, innovation and value creations.  We welcome opportunities and embrace challenges in order to exceed superior objectives through teamwork to deliver high customer satisfaction, strong operating results and long-term value. Living our values everyday keeps us ahead of the competition and will sustain now and into the future.


  • Foundation: Drill pole
  • Upper Structure: Reinforced Concrete


  • Main Building: Red bricks / light plastered bricks, aci + paint


  • Exterior Walls: Weather resistant paint
  • Variation Walls: Aluminium composite panel / artificial brick tiles
  • Interior Wall: Emulsion paint


  • Main Room: 80x80 cm Homogeneous Tiles


  • Cover: Zinc wave ceiling tiles and concrete roof


  • Doors and Windows: powder coated aluminium + clear glass
  • Toilet: PVC


Main Plafond/ceiling: Gypsum

Toilet & Sanitation

  • Floors & Walls: Local ceramics
  • Sanitary wares: Exp. Toto / equivalent


  • Clean Water: PVC pipes exp. Pralon / equivalent
  • Electric Power: 4,400 VA